Slaven Dizdarevic

Slaven Dizdarevic was born in Sarajevo and most of his childhood grew up in the Olympic village where his family got the apartment after the winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo in 1984.


At the age of ten, Slaven moved to Slovakia where he started training track and field and enjoyed art classes at elementary school. His painting skills were first recognized in the finals of the national painting competition called Universe through children's eyes. Due to the lack of art classes at high school, Slaven focused more on track and field and became junior national champion in the high jump. He continued training and competing also during the studies at the Economic University in Bratislava which he graduated from in 2005.


After graduation, Slaven fully dedicated his time to the sports career and in 2008 became the first Slovak decathlete to participate in the Olympic Games in Beijing. He holds a national record in the heptathlon and has several national titles in the decathlon, high jump, and hurdle sprints.


In 2014 Slaven moved to Switzerland where he successfully completed postgraduate studies in sports management. During this time Slaven rediscovered his passion for art and transitioned into the field of art as a painter and photographer. His first exhibition was held in Lausanne in 2019 and in 2020 Slaven introduced his project "Painted by" during the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne. As one of the six Olympians, Slaven participated in the Olympic Agora project during the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo with six paintings.